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Of course! Use the above contact form or email address and send me your pitch but before you do that please check the writer’s guidelines if you haven’t done that already.
Mainly, yes, but sometimes I also get help from other friends that own pets if it’s a relevant topic. I’m also opened to guest writers. You’ll know who wrote what since you can see who authored the article.

I don’t receive PayPal donations or things of that sort but I do have some Affiliate Links on the site. You can learn more about that here.

I’m located in the United States, New York to be more precise. Some say that it’s a loud and crowded place but I don’t see it that way, I actually love it.
Of course. Obviously, everybody would say that but don’t take my word for it, in my case, you can see the proof of this statement in the reviews. I talk about the good but also include the bad.
From books, magazines, the Internet and other pet owners. I am not a veterinarian so my advice shouldn’t replace professional attention, on the contrary, I advise you to always consult with your vet first.

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