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How To Get Your Dog To Eat Dog Food Again And Fall In Love With It

Every Dog is different in their nature and behavior and so their food habits along with meal patterns. It may appear to you that dogs can eat anything and anytime but some times and some dogs are just choosy about their food. You might come across a problem where your [...]

How to Introduce a Hyper Dog To a Kitten For The First Time

So you have a dog, it's adorable and super energetic but felt that the family is missing something. One day you have an idea, you go out and buy a little kitty. On the way back you realize that you still have a dog and you have no idea how [...]

How To Bathe a Dog That Hates Water Plus Helpful Tips

Does your dog hate taking baths and tries to run away every time when you mention it? Do they get so scared that they start shaking or just hide and are nowhere to be found? You are not the only one going through such hassles. It’s a difficult and time-consuming [...]

Earthbath Dog Shampoo Reviews And Analysis

You share many things with your beloved dog and why wouldn't you? Dogs are one of the few best things that happened to us really. But owning a dog requires the best care from you. It’s very important to maintain hygiene and keep him in the best possible safe environment. [...]

Leaving a Puppy Alone At Home For The First Time Advice

It’s scary leaving a puppy alone at home for the first time.  There are so many things that could happen that you can't help but worry about letting your little dog alone. But it's ok, by knowing what you should do before going out and letting your dog stay at [...]

Dog Exercises To Build Muscle Mass And Make Your Pup More Beefy

Just like real exercises for humans, dog exercises to build muscle follow the same ideology, scheduling workouts and make sure that they stay fit and healthy.  It’s also important to make the whole process fun so your dog finds it attractive and participates willingly.  If your dog is not getting [...]

How Much Does a Husky Cost Per Month To Sustain

Wondering about how much does a husky cost per month to support? It is a mandatory question one should ask himself when they are planning on getting a husky dog anytime soon. You must know that the money you will spend when buying the dog is not all the money [...]

Husky Puppies Price In USA And Overall Keeping Costs

The Siberian Husky has all kinds of qualities that any dog lover would look for. They are cute, physically fit and fluffy looking, also known as one of the best breeds that one can own. However, the husky puppies price in USA will vary on some factors and there are [...]